Lost and Confused?

Trying to make money online is often a costly and confusing process.

Often things may appear to work, only to find that you’ve been scammed or something goes horribly wrong and it all comes unraveled.

I’ve been searching for a way to make money online for quite some time now. I’ve had many failures and some successes. But I’ve also come to realise that some things remain a constant in making money online.

  1. You need TRAFFIC. Without traffic, even the best product / service / website will quickly die.
  2. You need to build YOUR list. Build your list and maintain contact with your list. Provide useful and VALUABLE information.
  3. Test BEFORE you recommend. No matter what it is you decide to do in order to create your online income TEST IT first, especially if you decide to enter the Affiliate Marketing or network marketing worlds. No matter how much money you are told you will make from any service it is far better to test and assess the true value of whatever it is you decide to promote BEFORE you promote it. A ruined reputation takes a long time to repair.

The things you find on this site have been tested by myself and I have found value in the services and products. Hopefully, should you decide to take up any of these offers, you will also.

4 thoughts on “Lost and Confused?”

    1. Thanks Iain. It’s still pretty much a ‘work in progress’. But as a friend told me it’s better to make an imperfect start than to let imperfection prevent you from ever starting at all. 😉

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