My Top 5 Income Methods

I always say “If you don’t tell people what you’re doing you can’t be surprised that no one joins you!”
So here’s what I’m doing to make money online.

1) I publish ebooks.

Find my books here >>
I’ve been doing this since around 2013. Not been promoting my books I leave that up to the distributors. It’s a very easy (for me) little effort income stream. One of my books details what I do. If you’re interested in learning how I do this then buy my book the fire and forget money method >>

2) FN.

With FN you could start up with $0 but it’ll take a long time to make any income that way. So I suggest a minimum start-up of $60. I also use this as a traffic source.
Learn more about this HERE >>

3) AIOP.

I absolutely LOVE the products / services of this company. I really should shout about this more.
But it’s really something only a few people would be interested in.
If you have need of web hosting / auto-responder / multiple lead capture systems then this is the one place you MUST check out. Why have all those things provided by different companies when you can get them all from the same company at a much smaller cost?
Their most expensive package costs under $23 per month and you can earn $15 per month from referrals. Their cheapest option is just $12 per month.
Learn more about AIOP here >>

4) $5 Advertising Service

With THIS SERVICEย I get traffic for my main business at a fantastic price and I also get paid commissions from sales of advertising through this provider. For my one time $5 purchase I have a potential income of $390,500. Register for free and take a look at what is on offer. Take a look at the compensation plan and you will be blown away. Once you’ve purchased your advertising check out the bonus section for even more traffic options at no additional cost.

5) On my Phone

I use this really great little money earner with MASSIVE potential >> Absolutely ZERO out of pocket cost. I get paid for playing games, making calls, shopping with certain online retail outlets, messaging, completing surveys and viewing ads.

I also get paid from the activities of referrals up to 8 levels deep. (I’ve personally seen someone earning $200 per month with this alone BUT boy does he have a big ACTIVE team working with him) I also run a support group within the app.

So there you go. If there’s anything on my list you want to know more about ping me a message.

I’m not looking for any other way to earn online (6 methods are way more than enough…I know I’ve listed 5 here but I’ve not had the time to get stuck in with number 6 just yet) Any more than that and I’ll need to be cloned.

How do I manage this many?
Simple they’re mostly passive income.
I don’t publish that many books, I continue to earn from each book long after it’s been put together and published ๐Ÿ˜‰
Like I said I don’t promote AIOP that much and most of the promotion I do for AIOP is off facebook (to many tyre kickers on Facebook who want the money but aren’t prepared to do anything to get it).
The PLR system feeds my publishing AND it’s a bloody great deal. If you don’t think 290+ products with PLR or resale rights is worth $50 then you’re short sighted. ๐Ÿ˜‰

FN and the phone app are the 2 that I spend the most time on, but they’re both passive incomes also. ๐Ÿ˜€

The key is PASSIVE income.
If you’re selling your time you’ll always be a slave.

The Best 1 Up Business Around

What Is a 1 Up System?

A 1up system is where the first referral is passed up.
So the very first referral you get is passed up to your immediate upline.
But the very first referral from your second referral onwards is passed up to you.

There are several businesses now offering this system,
however by far the best is DigiSoft Payline.

What makes this the best business of this type is

the products
Which are (for $15) over 75 Digital and Software Products with 100% resale rights. So you can make additional income by selling the products alone.

the marketing system.
There is a ‘done for you’ marketing funnel, complete with lead capture and email follow-up system. You are even able to directly email your leads from within the system.

You are able to track each referral through the sales funnel. You know exactly what stage within the funnel each referral is and when they are on line at each stage.

For a totally free tour of the system visit theย DigiSoft Payline website.


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