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I’ve been interested in, and active in, making money online since the early two thousands.

I’ve had a few success stories, and I’ve fallen on my arse a few times also.

Like many people I’ve been in pursuit of the passive Income dream. Work today, get paid forever.

It’s a dream that many people have, though quite a large number of people think it can be achieved by completely missing out the first step..the requirement to actually WORK!

If you also have that dream, DITCH IT! It will not work..EVER!

You must first put in effort BEFORE you will see any rewards. Most often you will be required to put in LOTS of work, often seeing zero results. Do not be disheartened by this. This is normal. You may feel like you are drowning, or treading water at the very most. But those efforts will eventually prove to be extremely rewarding. So NEVER QUIT!

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