Easy cash 4 ads has been in existence since 2017 and has been providing resale rights products for customers on a monthly basis since day one. There are currently over fifty digital products available which can be sold by members.

These products range from ebooks to software.

This alone is worth more than the one time $19 charged to become a member of easy cash 4 ads.

Another great feature of this platform is the advertising service.

Of the $19 paid to easy cash 4 ads, $10 is paid to affiliates for the advertising service. With the advertising we are given lifetime advertising which goes out to members of easy cash 4 ads. These advertisements are in the form of “log-in ads” so before an individual gains access to the main site they must view an advertisement first.

So already there are two income opportunities here.

Opportunity 1) sales of digital products for which resale rights are provided.

Opportunity 2) affiliate commissions through promotion of the easy cash 4 for ads program.

The affiliate commission compensation plan is designed so that the affiliate must gain two ‘qualifying’ sales before the affiliate can receive commissions. The first two sales are “passed up” to the primary affiliate. For many this may be something that puts them off joining such a program. However with how I, personally, am promoting this program I GUARANTEE that anyone who pays the $19 fee to access both the resale rights products and the advertising opportunity I will help those people get their qualifying sales by promoting their link until they at least gain their two qualifying sales. I am also providing, for those who purchase through my promotions, bonus sales funnels (such as this one) complete with full training for setting up their funnels. These funnels also provide an additional income opportunity which could provide an additional monthly income.

These funnels are at no extra cost and I would encourage those who subscribe to easy cash 4 ads through this blog to use these funnels, which also come with free traffic sources. These funnels work and are generating recurring income for those who are using and promoting them. Using these exact funnels and without assistance with promoting my affiliate link I made my own qualifying sales within a day and started making commissions within a week. I’m not a ‘super affiliate’. Nor do I have a huge email list to promote to. I did this from a standing start and so there is no reason anyone else can not also do the same. It is not unrealistic to generate an income, of $500 plus, within a couple of months using this and that’s just from affiliate sales. Sales of the products can create an even bigger and faster income.

Results only follow action and your income is dependent upon your activity.

So if you are serious about generating an income online from a low start-up cost you will struggle to find anything better than this.

Join my affiliate rotator program.

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