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Way back in 2008 traffic exchanges were all the rage with new ones springing up every other week or so it seemed.

Many of these sites ran by selling advertising packs and paying out people for clicking on advertisers website links.

Some people made some very good money from these programs. However most of that money was generated through the sales of advertisement rather than through traffic provision. Eventually it all went wrong. Many of these sites closed and took many people down with them, financially ruining many.

LeadsLeap was always a little different than the majority of these sites. That difference ensured the survival of the site. To further ensure the site remained safe from accusations of “scam” or wrong doing the site began to change further and offer additional services.

Today the site is very different from the humble beginnings. They continue to offer traffic generation services with members gaining rewards for visiting advertisers sites, mainly the rewards are in the form of return visitor credits.

It is also possible to make good money from leadsleap, especially as an affiliate.

But the main power of LeadsLeap is as a lead building super engine.

There are two levels of LeadsLeap membership.

Level 1 is as a FREE member.

Free members have access to the following services…

  • Traffic Exchange
  • Auto-responder
  • Page builder
  • Pop-up generator
  • Link tracker

There are four ways in which to create an income with LeadsLeap, and these are available to both free and upgraded members.

Pay Per Click program

Get paid for traffic generated to members advertised websites using a variety of methods from blogs, to email marketing. You do not need a website in order to benefit from this program.

Visit Member Websites

Visit just 10 websites a day and get paid. Participants in this program do not have to pay anything in order to participate. No need to purchase advertising as was the case with many of the old traffic exchanges which have long since gone the way of the Dodo.

Credit Conversion

Credits are earned through a variety of methods including viewing ads, reporting non-compliant ads or rating ads. These credits can be used against your own advertising or you can cash them in.

Not every member of LeadsLeap have a website they require traffic to. Therefore LeadsLeap permit such members the ability to cash-in those unrequired credits.

This leads to better quality advertising with advertisers offering something of value to potential leads within the membership, and beyond.

Affiliate Commissions

Any successful online business requires “word of mouth” advertising, Even Amazon offer such promotion of their products and have a program offering financial rewards for affiliates.

There are some features of LeadsLeap that are only available to paid upgraded members. These services are expanded upon as an ongoing improvement program. Some are improved versions of services available to free members, other products/services are completely separate and only available to upgraded members.

LeadsLeap pay from 25% – 50% commissions to affiliates when referrals decide to take up the upgraded membership.

Some people decide, for whatever reason, to stop using LeadsLaep. I did this myself. Having first registered as a free member around 2012 I stopped using their services for approximately 5 years. One day I stumbled back onto LeadsLeap and was blown away at the changes and multiple improvements to the site. I instantly took up the upgrafrf membership, recognising the many benefits of doing so. The person who originally recommended the service to me received commissions from my upgrade. He continues to receive commissions from my monthly membership fees.

He’d also stopped using leadsleap, but as he is also a friend on facebook (you can include an option for referrals to find or contact you in a variety of ways through your profile on LeadsLeap, I reached out and informed him of the improvements to the site and also that he was earning commissions.

So it’s useful to maintain communications with your referrals in any program you promote…you never know how it will benefit you in the future.

Who would gain most benefit from joining, and using, LeadsLeap?

  • If you need traffic
  • If you need a lead capture/autoresponder
  • If you are looking for a way to build a list quickly
  • If you are looking for a way to make a little extra cash
  • If you want to learn about internet marketing.

There are many sites I use in my pursuit of growing my online income creation but there are none that evolve with new services and features as quickly and consistently as LeadsLeap

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It is now possible to integrate PayPal payment buttons to pages built using leadsleap page builder.

To learn how to do this hit the link below 👇

Integrate PayPal into your page


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