What is 5 Billion Sales?

Currently (August 2021) this is in pre-launch and is free to register.

Once the business launches there will be a, as yet undisclosed, affiliate fee.

This is an income opportunity for anyone with internet access is used.

There will be two service levels made available when the company launches.

Service 1 will be open to general users with a potential client base of 5 billion users and will pay users $400 for using a service they already use.

Service 2 will be available to business owners and marketers.

This service is predicted to increase sales by up to a multiple of 1,000 .

Clients will pay for this service on results post profits.

This service can be used on any website with a minimum of one product or service available for purchase.


This service creates two commission opportunities.

$10 commission for each client acquired and $200 – $1000 recurring profit share.

Currently no details have been disclosed as to what the products/services will be.

The scheduled launch date is towards the middle of October 2021. Affiliates will be provided the launch date a few days prior to launch.

Currently there are several marketing tools available to help affiliates to “spread the word”.

These tools include…

  • Email swipes
  • Banners
  • Video

More tools are being made available.

My thoughts…

I’m always cautious with anything in “pre-launch” I’ve seen far too many pre-launch programs fail before they actually go live or they introduce fees on launch that turn off a huge number of ‘free’ pre-launch referrals. 5BillionSales could very well happen with this company.

Also without knowing the detail of what the services of five billion sales will be, it’s a gamble.

That being said IF the affiliate fee is realistic then a large percentage of free referrals may stay, IF the services have at least a perceived high value then there could be a very good income potential.

I usually avoid anything in pre-launch, but I’ve decided to take a punt with 5billionsales.

If you would also like to take a punt and get your foot in the door register here for your free affiliate account so you can take a look around the site for yourself.

Once this goes live I will then make a clear decision as to whether I remain an affiliate or not.

Should I remain I will support those who also decide to remain in as much as I am able to do so.

By mike

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