If you are looking for a plentiful supply of free traffic, you’ll find it by the bucket load with easyhits4u.

Easy hits 4 u was established in 2003 and remains a good source of free traffic.

Due to the length of time the site has been operational, easyhits4u.com is a massive traffic exchange.

Every site visit is verified through matching symbols to evidence that the person clicking to the site is actually human.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to build the hits to your website using the massive traffic exchange which is easyhits4u.

If you intend to use this to build your marketing email list it’s best to offer something of value at zero cost in order to gain their email address.

Have your offer delivered directly to their email address rather than through a “thank you” page.

That way you are more likely to get a genuine email address.

There are additional features available to members of easy hits 4 u.

These include…

  • Easy Splash page creator
  • Easy URL rotator

Easy splash page creator is easy to use. It features a WYSIWYG editor, which makes it super easy to create your splash page.

Easy rotator is very handy for promoting multiple websites from one link. This is useful for testing your splash pages.

Register for free, here, to start getting more traffic to your website with Easyhits4u today.

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