Affiliate marketing is a great way to make some extra cash.

There are very few headaches involved and so many ways it can be done, there are bound to be methods which suit you.

What is affiliate marketing?

At it’s core affiliate marketing is something you have “sort of” done already and repeatedly.

It is promoting products or services provided by a third party and receiving a commission for every sale generated.

It is relatively hassle free in that you don’t provide any after sales support, you don’t handle any refunds, you don’t have any product creation or delivery to worry about either.

So as you can see, it’s relatively “easy” money.

Where to find things to promote.

There are many products, services and businesses that offer opportunities for affiliates.

If you wish to promote physical goods the top companies which offer opportunities for affiliate marketing are Amazon and eBay.

Amazon provide lots of tools to help affiliates, which they prefer to call “associates”, from shortened links to promote individual products to widgets to build your own niche website specialising in particular fields of interest.

You can learn more about the Amazon Associates network here.

If you’re looking for education to help you get results quicker and dramatically cut the time from being a total newbie to making your first commission this will give you a head start.

eBay also offers an affiliate program.

The eBay partner network

With the eBay Partner network you get to earn commissions by driving traffic (visitors) to items being sold on eBay and getting those items sold.

When an item gets purchased by someone recommended the item by you, you get paid.

If you already have an eBay account you can use that to sign into the eBay Partner Network.

You can earn up to 4% commission on sales with maximum payout limits per item.

The sign-up process is very easy and straightforward. The application process will usually take up to 24 hours

For Digital products the most popular networks are Clickbank, JVzoo and Warriorplus.

With JVzoo and Warrior Plus you will need approval from the product seller in order to be able to promote the product and receive commissions from sales you generate.

With Clickbank there isn’t this step to go through, you can just find a product and promote it. So for people new to affiliate marketing ClickBank may be the best option.

With JVzoo and Warrior plus it may prove easier if you actually purchase the product you wish to promote first. This will actually make your promotions easier.

How to promote!

There are many ways you can promote the product(s) and it really does depend upon which you find most comfortable with.

I’ll not go into any great depth here, the details and various “tricks of the trade” with each method. So take this as a starting point suggestion list.


This is where buying the product first comes into play. There are various ways you can do your product reviews. Ideally you want to put your reviews in high traffic places.

So your video reviews would be best on Youtube and/or facebook.  Though you could also then place those reviews on your blog.

written reviews can be placed on your blog, a facebook page or reddit.

Walk-through guide

Again, this requires that you purchase the product first. You can do these in video or text formats. You could offer your walkthrough as a bonus for the original product with your own complimentary program for added benefit.

Add a Bonus.

One of the most popular promotion methods is to include an additional “bonus” product to your potential buyers. These bonus products would be either something you have created yourself or something, that complements the product, you have rights to which you are permitted to sell or give away. (for a source of such products see my post on Easy Cash 4 ads)

Email Marketing.

Ideally you would need your own email list to do this. Though there are ways of using lists built by others.

For third party email lists you have paid for services such as solo ad sellers, these can be found in facebook solo ad seller groups or Udimi

(receive a $5 discount on your first order when you use this link to subscribe to udimi)

With solo ads you pay for the clicks (visitors) to the link you are promoting.

It is advisable to send these visitors to your own ‘opt-in page’ first before directing them to the product you are promoting.

An opt-in page is a one page website that collects the email address and name of those who visit the page seeking information.


There are many opportunities with affiliate marketing and there is something for everyone. If you are a DIY enthusiast, there are affiliate marketing opportunities available to you.

If you are interested in Martial arts, there are affiliate marketing opportunities available to you. No matter what you are interested in, there is an affiliate marketing opportunity available for you.

So for this reason alone it’s well worth investigating affiliate marketing as a way to earn an extra income.

The main skill you need to learn in order to become successful with affiliate marketing is that of traffic generation and once you’ve mastered that you are pretty much on your way.

I would recommend that you build your own email list though while promoting other people’s products. This makes each new promotion a little easier as you don’t have to start from scratch every time. If you have an existing ‘potential buyers’ list, or even a buyers list…which is golden, you would use that list to market to along with any other marketing method you choose.

I highly recommend LeadsLeap for your list building and promotions. For more info on leadsleap read my review


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