Network Marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) has been around for decades.

The industry offers the potential for almost anyone to build a huge income and there’s a Network Marketing Company for every interest group around…or so it seems.

As with many “traditional” businesses, a good number of Network Marketing businesses operate online. This gives the opportunity for the “average Joe” to have their very own international business without the headaches of going the traditional route.

And as with any other business, these businesses require the same tools and services in order to succeed.

Namely lead generation, traffic generation, lead capture and marketing.

So if you have a product or service that covers these needs then you would be foolish to avoid dealing with, or marketing to, people involved in the network marketing industry.

Many years ago I came across a networking site which catered to the network marketing industry.

I found ways to use this site, without spending any money, to generate leads for me.

I then put together a video in order to help others get free traffic and leads from this site. You can access this information here mlmgateway leads.

My favourite feature of the site is the Business Announcement feature.

Each announcement must be at least 400 words long and must be unique. So if you intend to use a particular  article on multiple platforms, such as on your personal blog or through syndication, post the content on mlmgateway first. Then, once the announcement has been approved, make adjustments to the article before posting elsewhere.

These businesses announcements gain organic traffic through search engines also.

Additionally as a reward for posting announcements mlmgateway rewards by giving credits, which can be used to contact other mlmgateway members.

With regards to messaging other members. Primarily the site is populated by people already involved in the network marketing industry, as such they are looking for leads for their business rather than looking for a network marketing opportunity to join.

So it can be a “shark-fest”.

So rather than contacting these people to get them to join your MLM business, suggest services that can help them build their existing business.

Think about the kind of things which would be beneficial to someone in this industry. Things such as automated lead generation, free traffic sources, lead processing, ways to increase lead conversion. If you can find something that enables you to financially benefit while providing value for them you could be onto something good.

However you shouldn’t always focus on short-term financial gain. You can recommend services that provide no reward to you at all that will greatly benefit those whom you contact. In this way you can build relationships which, over time, can provide you with so many different benefits.

Credits are used for your initial contact with other members. Once they reply to your initial contact future communications have no cost.

So remember to check out my training video here

And open your free membership for mlmgateway here

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