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Tiktok is an incredibly popular video social media platform whereby users can upload video content of upto 3 minutes in length.

Tiktok was the most downloaded app of 2020 according to the digital analytics company App Annie, with over 2 BILLION downloads of the app.

Tiktok is owned by Chinese company ByteDance and is available in 40 languages.


At the time of writing  44% of tiktok users are female with 55% being male.

The app is hugely popular in India with 43% of new users coming from India.

41% of Tiktok users are aged between 16 and 24 with most users using the app every day.

There are over 90 million monthly active users in the USA alone.

These demographics will help you with marketing your content. As you can see there is a HUGE potential for youth cantered marketing.


You can place a link to a website on your profile. There is also, currently, an option to place links to certain sites within your video content. It is possible that in the very near future this feature will be expanded to enable links to be placed for a much wider variety of sites.

My personal recommendation is that you use a link to a lead-capture page or your blog on your profile. This saves you continually changing your link whenever you decide to promote something new.

Content creation

When it comes to creating your content you can either upload your content, having used some third party application/software to create and edit your video. Or you can upload directly from your camera.

There is also an additional feature, Tiktok live, whereby you can stream live over tiktok. This is another way to grow your followers.

When you post your content to Tiktok you can use Tiktok supplied editing filters to “jazz-up” your video, you can also add sound to your videos.

Tiktok Traffic

TikTok has an auto-reply feature which can be set up to respond to keywords in messages, so you can automatically send a link to sign up for your email list or to receive a file or code when your followers or content viewers message you with your chosen keyword. This is a good tactic to use in your promotional content.


Do not focus just on promo content. People want to be entertained, so create mainly entertainment content with the occasional promo.

Audio content.

Promote your audio. When you upload videos with your own audio, others users may also use your audio content. When they do your profile will be linked in their TikTok video. This feature is especially useful for music artists, voice actors, and such whose business is reliant upon audio.


Keep an eye on trends. Make use of what is trending, especially if you can tie it into your promotions.

Cross promotion.

Share your Tiktok content across other platforms such as facebook and instagram to get more hits and interactions from the same content.


Run a Questions and answers session where you can answer questions on a topic related to your promotion.

Competition Time.          

You may consider running a competition with the winner getting your promotion free. This may help to increase your followers.


Keep a check on your messages and viewer comments. Ensure that you reply to the messages and comments you receive. This will help with building your Know Like and Trust with your followers. People BUY from those whom they like.

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