What is the most important brand when it comes to marketing?

It’s the number one brand which most, if not ALL new marketers neglect to focus on.

If you focus on building the know, like, trust and integrity of this particular brand you’ll be able to promote, and profit from, anything you decide to promote.

So what is this all important brand, and how do you build and develop it?

The brand is YOU!

And how you build and develop your brand is pretty much up to you.

The most popular methods are through the use of…

  • Social networking sites
  • Social media
  • Vlogging
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing

Social networking

This is a method that will be the most popular though there are sub-categories to this and there are numerous courses and tutorials that focus on particular networking sites and methods. Chances are you are already registered with sites such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter or something similar.

With Facebook you may want to consider creating a dedicated page to use in building your brand. Pages can join groups in just the same way as profiles can. So once your page is set up and you’ve posted some content, invited your friends to like your page and have begun to build your followers join some groups that you feel you can add value to and build friendships in..you should consider creating your own group also. You’ll find a resource on this blog that will show you how to create, build and maintain a successful group.

For those who aren’t camera shy you may want to look into YouTube, and other video content hosting sites, and vlogging.

For the purposes of branding yourself it’s best that you actually put yourself on screen.

Some popular methods include product reviews, sharing your knowledge and experience with a view to solving problems. These are usually in the “how to…” Format.

In whatever platform you decide to use, when it comes to branding yourself you should focus on delivering valuable content with the intention of helping others rather than on a particular product, service or profit.

When you think about people you trust, the people who you go to when you have a problem that needs resolving, think about why you trust that person. You want to develop a similar level of trust from your audience.

If you go the product review route, give honest reviews. Tell your audience both the strengths and weaknesses of the product. How has the product helped you? What work-arounds have you used to compensate for the weaknesses? Do you think it offers value for money? Do you have any complementing products you can provide as a bonus to those who purchase through you?

Look towards those who are respected by yourself and what they are doing. Could you adopt what they’re doing and make it your own?

The thing to remember when building your brand is that it takes time and consistent effort. So for that reason do not worry about the results.

You could put out 50 videos and not one gets any interaction. But persist. Look at how you can improve. Learn the tricks of the trade and educate yourself on how to get results. By your 100th video you could hit the sweet spot and become an “over night” sensation.

Also cross-promote your content.

For example, every new post I put out on this blog gets emailed out. I also promote it on Facebook and Twitter.

If you produce video content you can post that content on your blog, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, notify your email list etc, etc.

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I wish you every success in your endeavours.



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