For most people new to affiliate marketing clickbank is the place to go!


One reason is because of the wide variety of products available to promote.

There’s something for almost every niche.

If you are interested in building sheds, there’s a “how to” course.

Do you have a popular Instagram account where you post images of dogs? You’ll find dog related products on clickbank that you can promote via your Instagram profile link.

Also it’s very easy to setup an account with clickbank and getting paid isn’t a hassle either.

The first thing to decide upon is what your niche is going to be. Then how are you going to promote the product(s) you choose to promote.

Once you’ve made those decisions look for the product to promote.

Go to the marketplace and search in your chosen niche. Look for something that is popular, but not overly so. You don’t want too much competition. Also ensure you check out the sales pages and don’t just focus on the percentage of commission you receive from each sale. A lower percentage from a great sales page is a better option than a high commission percentage from a sales page that doesn’t convert.

Ask yourself if you would buy from the page?

One way of discovering which products sell best is to filter your search by GRAVITY.

Gravity is based on the number of affiliates who are currently earning commissions from any given product.

The more people generating sales for a given product creates a higher “gravity” for that product. A lower gravity means lower level of sales.

You are looking for products with a gravity rating above 6.

You’ll notice that the average sale is given for each product. This is the average sales made by affiliates. However, this is not a guarantee of your earnings. You should take it as a rough guide.

This figure could include repeat sales, for example from sales of a membership product, along with the commission from initial sales.

It can work out better in the long run to make a lower initial commission to gain a recurring payment that will compound as you generate more sales.

It would be a good idea, if you decide to promote a couple of products (don’t go crazy and promote a large number of products, you don’t want to confuse your audience) to mix a product with a one-time commission and one with a recurring commission.

The recurring commission will, hopefully, be long term and will grow as you generate more sales.

Overall clickbank is a great starting point for those entering affiliate marketing.

For a great product that will help you with getting sales for clickbank products you choose to promote I highly recommend you check out clickbank profits.

It’s a 100% DONE-FOR-YOU Clickbank Affiliate Site Pre-Loaded With Multiple Product Reviews. It also offers a pre-made site or an option to create your own site using their custom made app.


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