One of the most important part of success is persistence.

Dripping water can bore a hole in stone, but only if it’s constant over time. This is persistence.

If you set your self a goal, and step towards it every day, you will achieve your goal.

Remember that true “failure” only occurs when you quit! So change the language you use. You never “fail” you “hit obstacles” you “experience fall back” or “set back” and you treat each one as a lesson.

As Edison said about all the times his light bulb invention didn’t work “today I learned another way it will not work” (not a direct quote…but I’m sure you’ll have seen the original, or at least be aware of it.)

The path to success is never straight. It bends. It swerves. It can even double back or take you back to beyond your start point. This only makes the journey more interesting.

Things to help you remain persistent.

Many people find remaining persistent a challenge, which is why so many people don’t achieve the success they feel they deserve. The following have been proven to work. So if you are having difficulties apply these methods.

To do lists.

Put your phone to use and maintain voice notes as ideas come to you. Then at the end of the day go through your notes and organise them in order of importance. Do not overwhelm yourself, keep the list to 5 items max. Otherwise you will fall victim to procrastination and achieve nothing from your list.

Your to do list should consist of things to do the following day. Tick each item off your list as you complete the task.

Keep your lists and note how many tasks you completed by the end of each week. You can then run a contest with yourself by charting number of tasks set and number of tasks completed for each day, this will help you identify which days you struggle with and identify why that is. Total the results each week and measure your successes each week. Give yourself a reward for your improvement.

Dream boards.

These have been proven to be a successful tool to aid the achievement of mid to long-term goals.

These set your destination. After all, if you don’t know where you are going, and why, you have no ability to set your path.

Your dream board should help you push through the difficult days. The dream holiday, for example, could be set out on your dream board. The hotel you will stay in, the places you will visit during your stay. The idyllic beach and/or pool. The restaurants you will eat at. You get the idea. Use your imagination to fill the missing sensory information, such as the feel of the sand under your feet, the smell of the food you will eat.

Educate yourself.

Though your school years may be behind you, your education should continue. “The more you learn, the more you earn!”

Read motivational books, study your chosen field in which you wish to achieve success. If reading isn’t “your thing” there are often audio book versions available. Also there are many opportunities to learn for free via YouTube. Invest in yourself, it’s always the best, and most important, investment you can ever make.

Help others.

After all, what is the point of life if not sharing your knowledge. We are all here for a relatively short time. So fill your time in sharing your knowledge, your love and empathy for others. You will always find that true success lays here.




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