Is traffic harvest a legitimate source of free web traffic?

In my experience it most certainly is. But not only is it a great traffic source it saves me time and money. And it is also a potential income source.

There are two choices to be made when you register with Traffic Harvest, and you can change your decision, and they are do you chose to take up free membership or do you opt for their paid membership. Personally, I chose to pay and I will give my reason for doing so in this report.

But first, what is Traffic Harvest?

Traffic Harvest is a co-op traffic source which uses traffic exchanges, blogs, social sharing, safe lists and other traffic providing methods to distribute members promoted links (URLs).

This is achieved through the direct to source distribution of the links or through a shared co-operative link, such as this one ( which will display another Harvest Traffic Coop member’s site and credits are awarded for displaying it.

This then gives the member who promotes the co-op link more free traffic. This is available to both free and paying members.

Should someone decide to join Traffic Harvest through the affiliate link, which promotes Traffic Harvest within the advertised page that is displayed, that referral will go to the person who has posted the co-op link and not to the person who’s URL is being advertised.

So it’s a great incentive for members to promote the co-op link. This is one of the methods used to generate traffic from a wide variety of sources.

If you have a high traffic source which you already use then using this source to promote your co-op link would be of great benefit to you especially if you were to decide to use Traffic Harvest as a free member.

Though as a paid member this would still count to increase the traffic you can generate through Traffic Harvest.

Why pay when you can use Traffic Harvest free?

Well first off, because of the price!

At less than $8 for a month (it is possible to subscribe for longer) for which you gain an additional 1,000 traffic credits, it’s a “no-brainer”.

That’s eight cents per credit.

You also gain a higher percentage commissions rate for any referrals who also take up the paid for version.

Commissions are paid out, automatically, fortnightly on Friday’s if your commissions are in access of $10.

Free members earn 10% commissions from sales of advertising and upgrades.

Upgraded members earn 25% commissions from sales of advertising and upgrades.

Also as a paid member of Traffic Harvest you get more credits through clicks on your co-op link.

Free members receive 0.5 credits per click. Upgraded members receive 1 credit per click.

So you can see it is definitely beneficial to go for the paid option.

You can set to renew your membership manual or have payment made automatically upon the renewal date, go for whichever is suitable for you.

In addition to all these features you can direct message your referrals through traffic harvest.

Your referrals can also message you directly through the platform also. This is a great way for you to help your referrals and to build the all important “know, like and trust” and to develop your own “community”

So I would highly recommend that you give serious consideration to adding Traffic Harvest to your traffic sources.

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