Tips For The Camera Shy!

It’s a fact that there is much traffic to be had from video marketing.

Sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Tiktok can pull in loads of traffic if your videos go viral. But for many people getting Infront of the camera is a terrifying prospect.

The good news for those people is its not necessary to get Infront of the camera, or even to talk, to create videos that gain attention and traffic.

Take this TikTok video for example

It’s a simple slideshow put to music and given some fancy effects using the filters supplied by tiktok. At the time of writing this post the video has just over 40 likes.

I created this video entirely on my phone. No need for expensive video editing software, no expensive camera and lighting set-up and no need for me to feature in the video at all.

below are links to some of the apps I use for creating videos. These are android apps, I’m not an iPhone fan. These apps are free though usually have the option to upgrade and gain more features.

power director. This is my favourite editing app.

it’s great for trimming, splicing videos. Creating intros and outros, transition effects and more. I use the premium version.

AZ screen recorder. I use this to record the screen display on my phone. With this I usually do a voiceover. However if you’re not comfortable using your own voice I have a work around whereby you can use an AI to voice your video.

You don’t really need anything other than these apps. Video director also comes with sound clips and music you can use with your video.

If you’re not confident with using your own voice for your video I highly recommend this AI software. It offers a wide variety of voices which sound natural.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right images to go with the video. If this is an issue I highly recommend this site for copyright free images which can be used.

There are over 1 million royalty free images, over 5,000 icons and over 5,000 audio files available. All of which are searchable.

So there’s no reason you can’t create videos and use them to generate traffic.

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