Banner ads can be a great way to drive traffic to your website. You’ll see banner ads on this blog as proof of this.

Banner exchanges are great sites to use for distributing your banners. I’ll be suggesting some exchanges and banner networks in this article.

The first, and one of the newest Banner networks I use is Turbinance. This is a banner ads network site that uses crypto currency as it’s main payment system. Crypto’s used are BNB (Binance token) , BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ether), TRX (Tron), LTC (Lite Coin) and Doge coin to purchase advertising.

The network pays commissions to affiliates for generating advertising sales. (So if you hit the banner ad above I may earn commissions should you decide to purchase advertising)

One of the great things about this program is it has a “Give-away” feature, whereby you can join for free and get Gold membership which grants you with 2500 banner ad impressions (468 x 60 banners). Your Gold membership lasts for 3 months.

You will also earn 10% of your Direct Referral advertising purchases.

Should you choose to upgrade your membership you will get lifetime Gold Membership. An additional Advertising Package of 7500 Network Impressions. You will also earn 50% per Direct Gold Lifetime referral and the ability to email to your members (subject to members) every 3 days. All for the cost of 0.005 BNB, which is very reasonable.

If this sounds like a good deal to you then get your FREE Gold Membership Here!

With Turbinance your banner ads are distributed over 456 sites…this site being one of them.

Truck Load of Ads

This is yet another very popular site for traffic generation.

With 108 traffic sources which include 41 Traffic Exchanges, 54 Safelists/Viral Mailers, 4 Text Ad Exchanges and 9 other traffic sources.

For just $10 you get promo codes for these sites which convert to free traffic credits. So you can generate lots of traffic with extremely little outlay.

This is a one-stop site for your traffic solutions.

So I highly recommend that you at least add this site to your traffic generation efforts.

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