Despite the growth of social marketing, email marketing is still a very effective way to make money. With social sites such as twitter, Facebook and even YouTube you are at the mercy of those sites. Your audience can be crashed down to zero in an instant.

With email marketing your list is yours and, as long as you have it backed-up, cannot be taken from you.

However, building your email list can take time. Especially if you are looking to build a large email list. You can expedite the process through the use of solo ads, but that can be a costly venture.

Often you will pay between $0.20 – $0.60 per click for solo ad traffic, and there’s no guarantee given as to how many clicks will turn into opt-ins.

This is where My Lead Generation Secret comes in.

For just $30 per month, plus a one time $30 set-up fee, you get at least 100 email leads per day. These leads are yours. You can download these leads and upload them to an auto-responder or bulk email client. You can also use the email broadcast service provided My Lead Generation Secret to send emails to your leads to promote anything you wish.

This makes it a fantastic way to make money from affiliate marketing by dramatically reducing the time it takes to build your list.

It would usually take considerable time, money and effort to build an email list of 3,000. With My Lead Generation Secret it takes just 30 days.. maximum…it can take less time.

With just one referral sale your email leads increase from 100 to 200 a day, and those referrals are usually retained because they also see the value. This also results in a regular monthly income which grows over time.

Hone your skills as an email marketer and you could very quickly start making a life changing income through promoting your own products, affiliate offers or even as a solo ad seller.

To learn more about how you can quickly, and cheaply, build a large email list register here!

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