Too many people focus on things like SEO, the famed article marketing, or spamming the net with their affiliate links without building a mailing list.

This is one of the most common mistakes made by beginners.

Because instead of building a business they are pleased about making a few quick bucks. They should be concerned with establishing a business rather making a few quick sales.

List Building is difficult, and since it pays off very well, there are no reasons as to why it shouldn’t be.

One of the most frequent arguments for why people do not build email lists is usually that list building is tough and, for many people, an ordeal which they find to be next to impossible.

To build a significant list of subscribers in a short time you would usually need a high-end advertisement and an appealing, almost irresistible FREE gift to go along as an incentive for those who subscribe to it and leave you with their email.

The free gift, technically is termed as a lead magnet in the world of marketing and is particularly one of the key elements of every list building process. This free gift is what will help you establish your list.

In theory we may say that list building is pretty simple. But in practice the list building process can be quite tricky, if you don’t know what your are doing or what the end results which you are trying to achieve will be.

Some people will pay a fortune to get their hands on a significantly long mailing list, only to find that few people open the messages being sent to them and nobody buys anything. So avoid buying a list.

It is true that list building can be hard if you don’t have a good system in place and a solid strategy to be able to produce a profit from it.

However, I have great news for all who are interested in internet marketing and list building.

There are easier solutions to building your mailing list, and earn money during the process. You can replicate my proven strategies!

Before we get started the very first thing you will require is an autoresponder.

An autoresponder is a service for collecting email addresses (your list subscribers) and emailing those addresses with pre-written messages.

This is all done automatically with you only needing to create the email series once. This dramatically saves you time.The service I recommend to you is SendStead.

This is a totally free and is an excellent service. I’ve been using this service for years and run most of my lists through it.

I would also suggest that you use a text editor to create your emails before you load them into your autoresponder.

Before you promote your list building venture you should subscribe to your own list, send your emails to your own email address and ensure all links work and that the emails look how you want them to.

Be prepared to constantly monitor and adjust your email content.

You will need to adjust the subject titles in order to maximize the number of people who open and read your content. You will also need to adjust the body, or text, of your emails to ensure you maximize the number of people who click the links, or take action, contained in your emails.

Here are 15 simple steps you can use to build your mailing list and maintain a good income with almost no work later.

Be prepared to put in a great deal of hard work initially, as previously mentioned.
You will need to carefully establish your list. You want to build a list of potential clients who will be interested in your product(s). This will enhance the possibilities of you locking sales and making the profits that you wish to achieve.

Number One:
Encourage your email subscribers to share and forwarding your emails to more people, who may not be on your subscription list. This forwarding and publicizing of your product will be inclusive of social sharing buttons (on your website/blog) and that send an “e-mail to a friend” button which will further grow your email list and bring about more chances of sales.

Number Two:
You can get many sales by promoting a contest, such as a free giveaway, and have entrants sign up or subscribe with their e-mail addresses, this way you will not only know who is interested in your niche but also make a strong mailing list of potential clients. (For a higher rate of success: Do not forget to advertise your contest on social media platforms!)

Number Three:
You can create more than one e-mail subscriptions, so that you have a variety to offer as individuals with different interests subscribe to you. What will make this more effective is the relevance and personalized effect that this can have; always remember that addressing your potential client directly will always give you greater impact than generally shooting out the same e-mails to everyone. It would only be smart to divide your potential audience into 5 or 6 categories, where you can have more clicks and hence a higher conversion rate.

Number Four:
Create an interesting opt-in message and send it to your older list, this can be those who have already bought a product from you, if you play it right and have more than one product you make more successive sales with almost no effort. Use this method to reinvigorate your list and to discover who is still a prospective sale/client and who is no longer interested.

Although it might look stupid, for a longer mailing list this method may bring you a higher number of sales, but remember to keep it exclusive. A great hit would be a series of SIX short and to-the-point emails, where the 6th would be your last.

You give a sneak peak of your services, a free gift and captivate your audience, now when the emails stop the interest that you would have generated would kick in and encourage the clients to contact you and hence about 80% of the time, you have bagged a sale! The key is keeping it short, simple and exclusive!

Number Five:
Create a new lead generating present, this can be something like a free e-book or an informative report on how to build your business empire, a few secrets of what you are promising to teach and a sneak preview of how you can pull it off, flawlessly.

You can, with this, encourage the visitors to willingly drop their email addresses with you and subscribe and this will also ensure that your emails do not end up in the spam folder.

Number Six:
Create a free, online tool or a resource which have customers sign up with their email address. For instance, you should have by now created and mastered a few tools such as advertising and marketing, though these are two different categories of promoting your product (you can find my top recommended advertising and marketing sites here onlinecashmachines/traffic)

You can use an advanced and complicated mixture of both to aim and achieve sales and get your hands on those e-mail addresses.

Now which do you think is more important the sales or email addresses?
Both are!
You make a lasting relationship with a mailing list and this mailing list is what gets you a high number of sales later.

Number Seven:
You must make the best use of Social Media, you may begin with promoting one of your products in all your lead-generation offers, you can tweet and re-tweet your offers to those whom your product may be of interest to, as they would have followed you on Twitter.

You can create a successful Twitter campaign by advertising an e-book or a free resource, such as the FREE gifts we spoke of earlier, and offering them to your followers.
To redeem their free gifts however they will need to submit their email IDs.

The use of social media doesn’t only enhance the outreach, it will also help build up a greater and more reliable mailing list.

Number Eight:
You can make use of your Facebook page to promote an offer which requires an e-mail ID submission. You should also promote offers on your Timeline, and be certain to be adding social media sharing buttons to the landing pages you send them, this way you motivate them into helping you reach out to their social circle.

Number Nine:
LinkedIn can actually be more productive than Facebook, this is due to the more business focused aspect of LinkedIn.
Create a page on LinkedIn which focuses on helping a particular business niche. Offer solutions to problems/issues they may have.

Occasionally drop a promotion for either your own product or one that you are promoting. Also offer a newsletter subscription to further help with your list building efforts.
To learn more about how to build a following of “buyer leads” on Instagram click here

Number Ten:
Pinterest is another popular social site.
This can also be useful to promote your products with these same free presents and samples that you can give out. This will of course require an e mail sign-up.

For instance, HubSpot created a Pinterest board where they would pin all the well-designed covers for their marketing e-books, hence creating an interest with visuals. From this board, they have been able to generate new leads and grow their mailing list, loading it with those interested to subscribe to it.

Number Eleven:
Do more for the promotion of your YouTube channel.
Add call-to-action statements and tempt them into clicking and following URLs to your videos to encourage all those interested to subscribe to your list, and include hyperlinks to the most significant pages in your video’s text descriptions.

This will help you bag more attention if the visuals are powerful, for the most effective medium of advertisement is visuals.

To learn how to create profit pulling YouTube authority channels click here

Number Twelve:
Use other people’s blogs.
When creating content material for guest blogging include a call-to-action option where you can add hyperlinks for readers to subscribe to your web site’s email addresses and other details.
Also point readers to your own blog.

Number Thirteen:
Host a co-marketing presentation along with a fellow marketer who offered a complementary service or product to yours. You can offer your offer as a “stepping stone” towards their product/service.
Offer something along the lines of an e-book or webinar.

You could perhaps offer to interview the other marketer about their products and services and upload the interview to your YouTube channel and blog.

Direct those who view the interview to your lead capture pages before sending them to the product/service provided by the marketer you have interviewed.

Number Fourteen:
Give-away competitions.
These are fantastic ways to grow your email lists FAST.

Is an excellent site that can be used to syndicate your give-away promotion to grow your list. They make it easy for you to build powerful and beautiful giveaways. The give-away you offer through this platform can be a digital or physical product.

Through syndication you will have more people promoting your give-away and due to this your list will grow faster.

Number Fifteen:
Reddit can also be a very useful platform to promote your list growing freebie.
Offer your freebies here.

Reddit is a free platform where users share information with each other.
Create your free account and join groups that are focused on interest groups that may find use from your promotions. However, be mindful of the rules of each group and offer genuine value rather than just trying to generate sales and opt-ins for your lists.

My final tips, regularly back up, and clean, your list. Filter out those who never open your emails.

Happy list building.

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