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Getting safelist traffic can be low cost financially, but in terms of time commitment the cost can be quite high.

It takes time to build your credits due to the number of links within emails you are required to click. This can be reduced by upgrading your account. Though many choose to use the free option membership.

I’d suggest that you track your safelist traffic results from your safelist traffic and once you have established which safelists give the best results upgrade with those sites, this will enable you to cut the number of links you are required to click in order to build up your credits.

The other time consuming activity is actually composing and sending your own emails. Especially if you use multiple safelists.

You may have to alter the formatting of your emails for each safelist site, especially if you personalise the subject line or into of your messages.

There is a way to vastly reduce the time required on safelists by using traffic zipper.

Traffic Zipper integrates with several safelist sites in a multitude of ways.

You can compose your email on traffic zipper and send direct from traffic zipper to your safelists. No need to copy and paste your email for the multiple safelist sites.

The majority of safelist sites also include downline builders, often there is overlap with the programs promoted via these downline builders.

An additional feature with Traffic Zipper is the ability to update all of these downline builders across supported Safelist sites from within the traffic zipper back office. This is a “one and done” deal.

Update all the links just one time and then you can forget about it. This has the potential of creating further income streams for you from others who upgrade their safelist accounts using the safelists linked to traffic zipper.

As you are able to see which safelists perform best for you there is an increased chance of upgrading…This feature has definitely worked with me.

As I’ve mentioned previously, you shouldn’t expect huge conversions from safelist traffic as the default interest of safelist members is to promote their current opportunity. However many members are open to new opportunities. You should focus your capture page to press the “curiosity button” of your page visitors. This will help increase the number of opt-ins. Also offering a freebie will help drive conversions.

If you aren’t already using an autoresponder/capture page builder see THIS ARTICLE for my personal recommendations to help you in this area.

Build Those Credits Faster!

So far we’ve covered reducing the time you spend sending your emails to multiple safelists.

One way of reducing the time it takes for earning your traffic credits is by using a software solution called Fast Traffic Bot. This software will click the links in the emails you receive from other safelist members.

However, I strongly recommend that once you’ve identified which safelist sites give the best results, in terms of clicks / opt-ins and sales, you upgrade your account(s). Because as an upgraded member you will gain more credits and be able to send your emails more frequently.

For my own recommended safelist and traffic generation sites check out my Traffic Generation section of this blog.

I personally use the safelists mentioned and have had very good results from them.

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