This is very useful if you need to learn how to use leadsleap.

Previously I have mentioned the many benefits of leadsleap, you will not find a marketing resource better than leadsleap for the price.

Even free members get unbelievable products such as their free webpage builders and email list builder.

The biggest problem for many though is that they get overwhelmed because they don’t know how to use leadsleap

The great news though is that for just $10 you can get a 10 day course that will teach you how to use leadsleap and great results for your business.

In this course you will learn how to build a list, how to create a capture page and get traffic to your capture page. How to build a marketing funnel and much more.

An additional benefit to this course is that should you choose to tell others about the course you will get paid 100% commissions from any sales you generate.

So with just one sale you will cover the cost of the course. The course even provides tools to help with the marketing of the course.

If you’re new to marketing, or are pushed for time, and need some proven promo content to help you get sales, that’s taken care of also.

There are multiple banners of varying sizes, short text ads…these can also be uses as tweets…and email swipes. In addition to these advertising tools there are also free traffic sources recommended to help you find your referrals.

So even a complete newbie can learn how to make money with leadsleap using this program.

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