If you’re looking for a way to make money without a job you could do much worse than publishing eBooks.

Cant write?

Not a problem. Get hold of some Private Label Rights (plr) products and you’re already more than halfway done.

With Private Label Rights products there are so many options available to you.

You can use them as a “springboard” to fast-track your own product creating. Use the content for blog posts, lead generation, create your brand, sell as is…. always go through the product first though. See how you can improve it, learn from it and give it your own “voice”.

The Giant eBook Kit, with 3,000 ebooks, has something for everyone. The books are categorised, to make life easier, so you can focus on an area you’d like to become an “expert” in and create your brand in.

Many of these ebooks come with sales pages. So all you need to do is plug in your own autoresponder form and payment processor.

In addition to the eBooks you can also opt for a guide that will demonstrate how to rapidly make big money from just one of these 3,000 eBooks.

When it comes down to ways to make money without a job creating your own products is easily one of the most lucrative. It’s possible to increase your earnings by thousands if you implement what you learn here.

Another way to profit from these ebooks is to use a site I’ve been using for many years, lulu.com, to publish your ebooks. You can even publish your ebooks as physical books using this site. There is no up-front fee to pay for publishing eBooks through lulu.com and your ebooks are distributed to the major ebook stores such as Amazon, Google books, kobo and the iBook store.

Your profits can be paid into your PayPal account or via cheque. Once you have published your book you may want to promote your work. Other than that the income becomes totally passive.

Even if you do already have a job ,and aren’t looking for an immediate way to make money without a job, it is better to start building a side income before it becomes something of an urgency. It’s much easier without having the wolves at the door.

Get 3,000 ebooks with resale, and private label, rights here.

Make Money Without a Job

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